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cumbria in bloom

Cumbria in Bloom presentation

This is the presentation of the Cumbria in Bloom, pride in your community silver award that Aspatria won in the Cumbria in Bloom competition 2016


Aspatria recently lost two of its former Mayors and respected community leaders, Audrey Tinnion and Dickie Dawson.  Both having served as Town Councillors for over 20 years.

Audrey was a founder member of Aspatria and District Charity Shop which has raised over £300,000 for local causes.  She was also a Governor of Richmond Hill School.

Dickie, as he was known to the community, was co-founder of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, a former Chairman of Aspatria Rugby League Club, and raised thousands of pounds for charity.   He held charity nights in aid of cancer, also for local schools and churches and everything from national organizations to the local pigeon fanciers.

"Both were remorseless in the fight to save Parkside Nursing Home from closure.  

Farewell good friends, the Community will be at loss."

Both will be sadly missed.



Cumbria in Bloom

Following the decision to scrap the Pride in Aspatria Competition, Aspatria Town Council will be focusing their efforts on the Cumbria in Bloom competition this year. The Cumberland Building Society has kindly offered to support us by way of a cheque in the sum of £200.
You will already have seen that an additional planting area has been created at the front of the Brandraw Car Park.  All planters and tubs in the town will be stripped and re-composted at the end of May and planted up week commencing 6th June. Aspatria Town Council will also provide an additional fourteen hanging baskets in addition to those funded and supplied by Allerdale Borough Council.  The Town Council invites you to join us in our efforts to win the competition by decorating your own property with  floral displays.


Vacancies on Town Council 5th June 2016

Please note there are two vacancies on the Town Council.
If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please contact the Town Clerk,
Mrs H Ostle, on or mobile number 07971 798477.



The Town Council have decided to no longer do their own newsletter, they have instead decided to use St Kentigern`s Link magazine in the future.



Councillor Reay wishes to thank those involved who helped raise money for last year's Mayor's Charity. The original intention was to raise money for the Let Laura Speak Charity, however, as the monies raised by Allerdale's Mayor far exceeded the target set, Aspatria Town Council agreed that the monies would be used to purchase a defibrillator for the town.  Enquiries revealed that this was being arranged by another organisation and therefore Council agreed that the money would be re directed to Breast Cancer and this has now been done.




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Aspatria Town Council News

Certificate of Appreciation
Councillor Alan Reay is pictured receiving a Certificate of appreciation from Deputy Mayor, Barry Chambers at the June meeting.   This was in acknowledgement of Alans four year service as Mayor and in recognition of the work he has done over and above that role. 
Mrs Jean Reay is presented with a bouquet of flowers.
Since this picture was take Barry Chambers is now the new Mayor of Aspatria
and Alan has since taken up the position of Deputy Mayor.

June 2015        
Councillor Alan Reay was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation to mark four years’ service as Mayor and the significant contribution to the community. A number of suggestions were discussed on ways to enhance the appearance of the town and approval was given for some soft landscaping at the front Brandraw Car Park. An update was given on the progress of Mick Gregson who was visiting all the town’s war graves and laying wreaths on behalf of the town.
July 2015
Unfortunately at the time of going to press I haven't received July`s Town Council update..

August 2015
Town Council have their summer break this month.




Aspatria Town Council News

February 2015
No Police were in attendance but a report had been submitted. The next Town Centre Walkabout was to take place at 10am on 11th March.  The park railings on the east side have now been painted. Concerns were raised that the pedestrian crossing at Richmond Hill may not be authorised by the Highways Department and Mr David Harrison was to be invited to the next meeting to explain.

March 2015

Alan Reay had suggested that he would like to purchase a defibrillator with monies that had been raised by the Mayor’s Charity. Mr David Harrison and a colleague from Cumbria County Council Highways Department attended the meeting to discuss issues with the proposed crossing which meant that it would not be safe to install one at the location. Members were reassured that the senior management of Beacon Hill School was safe until September 2015 and that there were ongoing negotiations to secure secondary education in Aspatria for the foreseeable future.

April 2015

A certificate of appreciation was presented to Alan Wills for the voluntary work that he does in Memorial Park. A service was to be held in St Kentigtern’s Church to mark the 70th Anniversary of VE day and all councillors were welcome.  A donation of £250 was made to clock repairs at St Kentigern’s Church.    The painting of Memorial Park railing was ongoing





November 2014
Alan Reay, the Mayor presented Peter Huddart a Certificate of Appreciation for services to the community.  A tree surgeons report on the condition of two trees in Memorial Park was discussed and it was decided to remove existing and replace them. Allerdale Borough Council had agreed to supply two Aspatria signs at the Arkleby and West Newton Road at the entrance to the Town. A meeting to discuss the proposed pedestrian crossing with Highways which is ongoing,

December 2014
Two members of community groups had been invited to attend to discuss some financial support but both failed to attend.
The council agreed to donate £50 to Radio Cumbria’s Jig Saw Appeal. The Council had been notified of the closure of the
Nat West Bank and Cllr B Finlay had written to Vince Cable MP. The Council discussed the Asset Transfer of the three toilets blocks from Allerdale Borough Council to the Town Council but agreed not to accept the poor terms on which the Borough Council were making the offer.

January 2015
Work to renovate the entrance to Memorial Park was ongoing but it was hoped that this would be completed in the next few weeks. Information had been received indicating that the pedestrian crossing in Queen Street was unlikely to go ahead. Mick Gregson outlined his plan to visit the graves of all those from Aspatria that died in the Great War and that he would leave a cross/wreath at each. It was agreed that the council will contribute £500 on the basis that the wording “donated by Aspatria Town Council” would be on the reverse.



September 2014

The Council heard concerns about the parking around Memorial Park and a request for parking space to be provided on the Park. Members agreed to co-opt Mr Paul Lloyd and Mr Brian Turnbull as Councillors. The Community Fund had been established and the Constitution agreed and would distribute the funds from the West Newton Wind farm. It was reported that Aspatria Young Farmers had made an excellent job clearing the conservation area at West Street. Aspatria had been awarded Silver Awards in two separate categories of Cumbria in Bloom.

October 2014

The council are to pursue signs with planters at the entrance to the town on West Newton and Arkleby Roads. The council agreed to donate £100 towards the running costs of the Great North Air Ambulance.            A request had been received for funding from Aspatria Community Transport which was deferred. The council agreed to support Bothel & Threapland PC in their opposition to a 25 acre solar park at park near Bothel. It was agreed to defer works to Memorial Gates until after Remembrance Day.



 September 2014

The Council heard concerns about the parking around Memorial Park and a request for parking space to be provided on the Park. Members agreed to co-opt Mr Paul Lloyd and Mr Brian Turnbull as Councillors. The Community Fund had been established and the Constitution agreed and would distribute the funds from the West Newton Wind farm. It was reported that Aspatria Young Farmers had made an excellent job clearing the conservation area at West Street. Aspatria had been awarded Silver Awards in two separate categories of Cumbria in Bloom.

October 2014

The council are to pursue signs with planters at the entrance to the town on West Newton and Arkleby Roads. The council agreed to donate £100 towards the running costs of the Great North Air Ambulance. A request had been received for funding from Aspatria Community Transport which was deferred. The council agreed to support Bothel & Threapland PC in their opposition to a 25 acre solar park at park near Bothel. It was agreed to defer works to Memorial Gates until after Remembrance Day.


June 2014
The Council received a presentation from the pupils of Beacon Hill School and agreed to donate £1000 in support of their Challenge Week. Members were advised of the damage in Memorial Park and the efforts made by the PCSO to identify the culprits. It was agreed to advertise for volunteers to come forward to administer the Community Fund. Network rail had advised that the fence at the bottom of Brayton Road that was the scene of a vehicle falling on to the rail track was fit for purpose and that they had no plans to change it.

July 2014

Inspector Denis Kelly gave an overview of incidents in the town during the last month and advised that this would be his last meeting he attended as he retired in September. He was thanked for his service to the town and wished well for the future. Aspatria Young Farmer had volunteered their services to assist with a project in the town. It was agreed that they be asked to clear the Conservation Area in West Street. There being no volunteers from the residents it was agreed that a group of councillors would in the short term separately administer the Community Fund with a view to handing it over to a group of volunteers in the future.

August 2014

There is no Town Council meeting in August.



The Council heard that a pre application form had been submitted to the War Memorial Trust seeking funding for repairs to the Memorial Gates and surround. Members agreed to the donation of £100 to the work of Citizens Advice Allerdale in the area. Councillor Lister agreed to follow up the possibility of deceleration markings at West Street and the council agreed to contact BT regarding the telephone box outside of the church that had been out of order for several months.

Inspector Kelly from Cumbria Police informed the council of the incidents of crime in the town since the last meeting. The council agreed to contact other parishes along the A596 to see if they were interested in meeting to discuss HGV’s on this road. It was resolved to donate £1000 to the Heating Appeal at St Kentigern’s Church and estimates had been received for an upgrade to the Town CCTV system.

The Mayor gave details of his engagements since the last meeting and the Town Centre Manager and PCSO were try to set up an Aspatria Shop Watch Scheme.
It was agreed to update the Town CCTV system and to provide legionella testing on the showers in the changing rooms at Memorial Park

Certificate of Appreciation
A Certificate of Appreciation was presented by the Mayor of Aspatria
Mr Alan Reay to Dr Taylor to mark his retirement on behalf of Aspatria Town Council and the residents of Aspatria.  We wish Dr Taylor a long and happy retirement



December 2013
The Christmas Light Switch On had gone well and the Mayor thanked Toni Magean from Allerdale Borough Council who had sourced a sleigh at short notice. It was reported that over 140 people attended the Senior Citizens Christmas Treat and the Mayor thanked all those that had assisted in making it yet again a success. Members agreed to adopt the model Standing Orders that had been circulated at the previous meeting.

January 2014
The Christmas Light Drawing took place before the meeting commenced and the winners are posted elsewhere in this newsletter. It was agreed that to cover costs the annual price of a full allotment would rise by £2.00 to £42.00 and a half plot by £1.00 to £21.00. Councillor D Wilson provided the meeting with an update on the North Allerdale Development Trust. It was agreed that the Newsletter will no longer be delivered to each household but that they would be available in various commercial premises throughout the town.

Certificate of Appreciation

A certificate of appreciation was presented to Mr Dickie Dawson by the Mayor Alan Reay
for all the good work he has done over the years in Aspatria.






The Mayor presented the “Pride in Aspatria Awards” on behalf of the sponsor (Cumberland Building Society). The Council were informed that PC Clare Lawler who had been the designated police officer for the town for several years was moving on to a new station and that she would be replaced by PC Christopher Blain who can be contacted at The town had been spring cleaned by a number of volunteers. Concerns were expressed at the size of the North West Allerdale Neighbourhood Forum which now extended as far as Bowness on Solway and the clerk is to write to Cumbria County Council.

The meeting was conducted by the Deputy Mayor who wished to formally records the Town Council’s thanks to PCSO Sarah Fletcher for all her efforts in the Town and wished her success in her new post.  Inspector Kelly gave a verbal report on the police matters within the town. Members agreed to write to Allerdale Borough Council regarding the withdrawal of the Garden Bin Services as of 21st October until the middle of February. The council were informed of a visit to the town by the Mayor of Allerdale the details to be advertised later.

Members were informed that there had been a £300 increase in donations to the Poppy Appeal. The Council agreed to donate £2500 to the Dreamscheme. The work on a pedestrian crossing at Queen Street near Harriston Road should be completed by Spring 2014. Concerns were raised regarding the fragility of fencing at Lawson Street where a vehicle had broken through and landed on the railway below. Inspector Kelly of Cumbria Police addressed the meeting on police matters within the town



I have the privilege of being Mayor for the upcoming year  2013-2014, I have asked Dee Turner to be  my Deputy Mayor and we look forward to the events in the next year. 

 Alan Reay
Mayor of Aspatria



Toni  Magean, Allerdale Borough Council, Town Centre Manager for Aspatria presented the Aspatria Town Centre Plan. A walkabout the town had been held and a record was made of the various issues that are to be pursued with the various agencies. The Council agreed to donate £100 to the work of Citizens Advice Allerdale.  Inspector Kelly responded to various matters that  had been raised in the Councils letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner. 


Councillor Hillary gave feedback from a meeting held on 6th March at Crosscanonby regarding HGV’s using the A596. The Council agreed to donate £837 to the Aspatria Community Transport Group to assist with the purchase of a minibus and associated running costs for the benefit of the community. It was agreed to oppose the erection of a wind turbine at Bromfield Farm, Bromfield. As there had been only one out of time application for the position of Evening Supervisor it was agreed not to fill the vacancy.

It was brought to the attention of the Council that there have been a number
of distraction burglaries in the area.
Allerdale Rural Police have actively promoted a high visible presence in Aspatria in relation to concerns raised over vehicles parking on the pavement on West Street. New signs for the Brandraw Car Park have been  prepared to advise users of CCTV coverage in the area and will be displayed in the Dream Scheme and on the public toilets.



At the recent Parks & Allotments Inspection, it was agreed that the tubs lining the walkway between the tennis court and the Bowling Club should be removed. One has already been damaged.



We have the privilege of hosting a brief Tour of Britain as the bikes will be sprinting through Aspatria along the A596 on the 16th September.


Have a lovely Summer Everyone



spring banner


Aspatra Town Council


(May 2013)

There are currently 2 Vacancies now on the Town Council

For further information on these posts
please contact
Helen Ostle our Town Clerk
Tel: 07583327067


It was brought to the attention of the Council that under news from the
Council the previous newsletter had wrongly stated that in order to save money that the Dream
Scheme would have to commit to long term staffing cuts. The chair apologised on behalf of the
Council and promised clarification in this newsletter. The Council agreed to a donation of £100.00
to the Great North Air Ambulance. The meeting discussed the budget for 2013/14 but as
the concurrent grant element was still not clear (Allerdale Borough Council had already removed
11,000.00 of grant assistance but there was a suggestion that they may remove the whole grant allocation) the matter was adjourned to the next meeting.

PCSO Sarah Fletcher gave a report on police matters within the town since the
last meeting. A list of untidy sites within the town was to be sent to the
Planning Compliance Officer at Allerdale Borough Council. 
Complaints had been received about the time of the new bus service 302R
provided by Reays which was running less than 5 minutes in front of the existing
Stage Coach service. Whilst an additional service was welcome particularly
as it called at Cumberland Infirmary the timing was causing unfair
competition with the existing service.  The position on the concurrent grant was still
not clear but the clerk was to respond to the Borough Council with two options.

Prizes for the Pride in Aspatria Competition were presented by Mrs Jennie Beattie
on behalf of the sponsors Cumberland Building Society.
The Deputy Mayor took the Chair as the Mayor was on holiday. A local resident expressed
concerns and requested a safe area to be found for children to use as a Skate Park.
Linda Hunter outlined the work of the Dreamscheme and that it was becoming increasingly
difficult to find funders. The Council still has a vacancy for a Councillor. The Code of
Conduct for Councillors and the Dispensation Scheme was discussed. Toni Magean,
Allerdale Borough Council’s Town Centre Manager attended the meeting and outlined his role.

PCSO Sarah Fletcher gave a report on crime and anti social behaviour in the town.
A letter about the restoration of the Market Hall clock had been received. An application for
funding from the Dreamscheme was discussed and it was agreed to give a grant of £2,500
and that the Dreamscheme would have to commit to some long term staffing cuts. Some
Councillors had attended a meeting with Broadview Energy to discuss the West Newton
Community Fund. It was agreed that this should be administered b y a group
independent of the Town Council.

The Town Clerk had given notice which had reluctantly been accepted.  It was agreed to split the role and that Allison would remain as the Responsible Financial Officer but that a new Town Clerk would be recruited which process was under way.

We would like to welcome and introduce our new Aspatria Town Clerk
Mrs Helen Ostle, her contact details can be found on our Councillors details page.



Inspector D Kelly from Cumbria Police gave a report on crime within Aspatria and two representatives of TGC Wind Energy gave a presentation and answered questions about the proposal for a wind turbine at Hall Bank, Aspatria.

The council agreed to an easement for the new owner of the School Bungalow to access his property via Brandraw Car Park and a meeting had been arranged for all interested parties to discuss a crossing on the A596 near the bottom of Richmond Hill.

A letter had been received from Cumbria County Council regarding their new ‘A’ Board and Street Café Licences. The council agreed to a donation of £250.00 to the ‘Cool After School Club’ which is held in the Methodist Chapel and also resolved to adopt the new Code of Conduct for Councillors. Concerns were expressed regarding various premises and sites within the town which appeared derelict and in a poor state of repair that had become eyesores.

An extraordinary meeting was held to discuss two planning application that had generated concern. After hearing from the objectors and one applicant the council agreed to support the application for change of use of the bank but to object to the application for a hot food take away in the former chemist.


The Mayor Presenting his 2011-2012 Cheque to the renal unit at Carlisle.

Aspatria Mayor Alan Reay presented his charity cheque for 2011 - 2012
to the Renal Unit at Carlisle Hospital.
Alan would like to thank everyone that has contributed to his fund
enabling him to raise £1680.10 which was presented.

The 2012 - 2013 Mayor`s Charity fund is for Aspatria Medical Centre.


25 years service to Aspatria Town Council

Mr Alan Reay (Mayor of Aspatria) presented Mrs Audrey Tinnion with a certificate
and basket of flower to commemorate her for reaching 25 years of Service on
Aspatria Town Council


Pc Claire Lawler introduced Sarah Fletcher who is the new PCSO for Aspatria.
Councillors Wilson and Finlay had both voted against an increase in Council Tax imposed
by Allerdale Borough Council.
A public meeting was to be held on 4th April in the Community Centre to discuss
the Jubilee celebrations. The Town Council also expressed concern regarding the
intention to allow traffic travelling towards Carlisle to run through the town while
the Olympic Torch was being run through the town.
It was agreed to employ Jean Airey as Internal Auditor.


The Council’s accounts for 2011/12 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
The crossing near Richmond Hill School on the A596 was discussed.
A representative of the Highways Authority stated that the area did not meet
the Department of Transport criteria but was support by elected representatives.
Alternatives were mentioned but it was agreed that further traffic surveys were
required before a final decision was made. The meeting to discuss the Jubilee
and Olympic Torch Relay was poorly attended but it was agreed there would
be an event in Memorial Park It was agreed to share the repair cost for
the Speed Indication Device (SID)


Councillor Alan Reay was re-elected Mayor and Dee Turner was elected Deputy Mayor.
The Council agreed to donate £500 towards footpath improvements on the footpath
between North View and Richmond Hill School which will be named Jubilee Walk.
Members discussed the arrangement for and stewarding of the Olympic Torch Relay
when it comes through Aspatria on 21st June.



December 2011

Inspector Kelly gave a breakdown of crime in the town together with police activities since the last meeting. The Mayor gave a report on the Senior Citizens Treat held in the Masonic Hall and thanked everybody who worked so hard on the day and supported the event. A new Head Teacher had been appointed for Richmond Hill School and the School Crossing Patrol at Queens Street had now finished. Members felt it was very important that the proposed Pedestrian Crossing is progressed as a matter of urgency. The Council were also looking at the cost of proving Tourist Information signs at the entrance to the town advertising the facilities that can be found in and around the town with a view to encouraging tourists to stop and use those facilities.

January 2012

Mr D Harland attended and gave a presentation on the valuable work of Aspatria Child Care Centre and explained the difficulties the Centre were experiencing with negotiating with Cumbria County Council. He asked that the Council write to the County Council supporting the Centre. Mr Eddie Martin, Leader of the County Council had referred the question of a pedestrian crossing at Queens Street j/w Harriston Road to the County Highways with a view of them providing a crossing. Councillor D Wilson is to follow up the progress on derelict buildings/shops and site with the planning Compliance Officer. The Council submitted and objection to re-submission of an application for a wind turbine at Brayton Park


The Queens Diamond Jubilee was discussed and what activities were to take place in the town. It was decided to hold a public meeting on Wednesday 4th April to discuss what individuals/groups were preparing and to gain ideas on what the residents would like to see the Council to provide/support. All welcome. The Council agreed to donate £100 each to the Great North Air Ambulance and Citizens Advice Allerdale. Representatives of ‘Save Park Lodge’ had recently attended the County council meeting in Kendal to present a petition. A letter had been received from The Coal Industry Social Welfare Organization – CISWO works across former coalfields to provide social welfare services


Wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year

The council received a presentation on using old prints of the town in the windows
of empty/derelict buildings to improve their appearance.
Cllr Finlay informed the Council of the work of Neighbourhood Watch in the town
and the fact that there were now 69 members. A grant was made to Aspatria Juniors
Football Club for basic equipment. The audited accounts for 2010/11 were accepted.
PCSO C Miles was appraised of the Councils concerns regarding
speeding in the Town particularly Lawson Street, Outgang Road and West Street.

Mr D Stevenson and Mr C Ainsworth brought the Council up to date with events regarding
the Swimming Pool and the Council later agreed to support the Committee with a Grant
of £6,000 during 2012. After a long discussion on the future of the School Crossing Patrol
for Richmond Hill School it was agreed that the Council would be prepared to make a one
off grant of £8,000 towards a zebra crossing at that location in Queen Street.
The Council is considering replacing the Best kept garden awards with other awards and
any suggestions from residents would be welcomed.

The Precept for 2012/13 has been set at £71,000 the same as this year. Objections were
raised regarding the proposed site for 33 new houses on Station Road. There was no
progress to report on the Town Council acquiring Queen Street Car Park from Allerdale
Borough Council. The Aspatria Rural Partnership Community Plan will be launched on 19th
November at Allhallows Centre. A copy of the Executive Summary will be supplied
to each household in the partnership area. The council agreed to support the
‘Save Park Lodge’ campaign . 



Victoria Park Reopens

Victoria Park was officially reopened by the Mayor Mr Alan Reay and Aspatria Town Councillors on Thursday 21st July. Teachers brought pupils along from Richmond Hill School to attend the official opening. Pupils were given the opportunity to try out the new play equipment in the park.

The Mayor welcomed two new Councillors, Mr D King and Mr B Turnbull to the meeting which has left only one vacancy to be filled. Mike Smith from Cumbria County Council gave an update on the Swimming Pool and the Youth Wing. The Council agreed to a £150 grant to the ongoing costs of the Aspatria First Responders. It was agreed that the Town Council will mark the Charity Shops 15th Anniversary by a Celebration Evening bringing groups who had received grants together to say thank you to the dedicated volunteers who man the shop.

Cllr Finlay and Cllr Smith brought to attention of the Council the fact that Dr Deans had left his practice and that West Street Practice would be the only surgery in the town which left residents with no choice. It was agreed that this was not something the Town Council should get involved in and that it was for individual councillors to make their feelings known to the local Primary Care Trust. The Senior Citizens Christmas Treat will be held on 13th December in the Masonic Hall. Arrangements for the Best Kept Garden Competition and the Opening of Victoria Park were discussed. Members were also concerned about the number of derelict buildings and sites in the town which it was agreed to bring to the attention of Allerdale Borough Council. Cllr A Tinnion and Cllr D Turner asked for a letter of thanks be sent to James Blackwell, Headteacher of Richmond Hill school who is leaving, on his achievement and improvement to school results. An acting head has been appointed for September to December whilst a permanent head is appointed.

There is no Town Council Meeting in August.



Inspector Kelly gave a report on incidents in the town during the past month. It was raised that post which bears Aspatria, Wigton was on occasions being misdirected particularly where there were streets of the same name in both towns. It was agreed to bring this to the attention of the Post Office.  Concerns were also expressed regarding extra HGV’s travelling through the town to ASDA, the new Bio Mass Plant at Iggersund Board and possibly the High Close Quarry. It was agreed to write to the Highways Authority highlighting the councils concerns.


The Council agreed to donate £400.00 towards the upkeep of St Kentigern’s Churchyard. The contract had been awarded to RSS for the supply and installation of the new play equipment at Victoria Park. Plans had been submitted for re-cladding the Youth Wing to which the Council had no objections. In June it will be the 15th Anniversary of the Charity Shop and it was agreed that this should be marked by an evening event to celebrate the success of the project. It was announced that all councillors who had been nominated at the forthcoming election were returned unopposed which left two vacancies.


The Council elected Cllr Alan Reay to be Mayor and Cllr Marie Rose to be Deputy Mayor for the ensuing year. The Mayor thanked the outgoing Mayor for the work he had done on behalf of the town during his six years of office. The Council agreed to pursue Stagecoach for the damage one of their buses caused to the bus shelter on Queen Street. The remote CCTV at Brandraw Car Park was now operational.

Chairmans Report 2010 - 2011

Click the link for the report

The Mayors Coffee Morning

Was held on Friday the 4th March, during the week of Together we can.
There was a big turnout to the events held during the week.
The Mayors Coffee Morning was shared with
an Information Fair, which was part of Together we can events.
Representatives were present from Neighbourhood Watch, The Police,
Home Housing, Local Links Library,Cumbria CVS, giving the public that
attended a chance to find out more about what is happening in our Town.

“No - I don't think we stock that one!”
Local Links Librarian Jean Griffiths with a would-be borrower

Aspatria Neighbourhood Watch Volunteers Margaret Finlay and Angie Strong

PC Chris Blain giving free advice on Crime Prevention

The Mayor's Coffee Morning and Information Fair prompted lots of discussion

Memorial Plaque planned

A memorial plaque is planned to commemorate David Monkhouse who died in June whilst serving in Afghanistan. Clive Shaw the vicar at St Kentigern`s is to work alongside the Town Council to decide on how the memorial will look. 

New Deputy Mayor

Mrs Marie Rose was voted the new Deputy Mayor by the Town Council on
Tuesday 18th October after Mrs Christine Mitchel resigned from her position on
the Town Council for personal reasons.

Best Kept Garden Winners have their picture taken with our Mayor Trevor Gear,
after having received their awards.

Mayor and Deputy Mayor 2010 - 2011

Mr Trevor Gear has been elected for Mayor of Aspatria for the 6th year running.
Mrs Christine Mitchel was elected as the Deputy Mayor.

Certificate of Appreciation

The Mayor of Aspatria Trevor Gear presented a Certificate of Appreciation to
Dr E Ajai-Ajagbe for services to Aspatria.
Dr Wheatley was unable to attend and will receive his
Certificate next month.

Annual Report 2009 - 2010

This year has been one of progress and change. We have completed some of the projects that have been ongoing for a number of years and we have seen a complete change of council staff.
In July we held our Civic Service in St Kentigern’s Church which was again well attended by the Mayor of Allerdale, Mayors from surrounding towns, the Leader of Cumbria County Council and the Deputy Leader of Allerdale Borough Council and other dignities. 

This year the annual senior citizens trip went to Skipton followed by a visit to Hawes.
The weather was kind to us and many people seemed to buy a bargain in the market and enjoy the whole day.

The students at Beacon Hill excelled and produced their best ever GCSE results which drew comment from Ed Balls, the government minister responsible for education and Richmond Hill appointed a new head teacher. 

During the summer the Youth Wing with support of the Council ran events for our young people in Memorial Park that proved very popular and were well received by parents and grandparents.

In September after five years we saw the departure of Walter as our clerk and the appointment of Allison as Walter’s excellent replacement.  
Remembrance Sunday Parade and following service were very well supported by the various organisations and our residents of our town. In recognition of those that had given their lives for our country and those that continue to do so.

In December the workshop extension to the Changing Rooms was substantially completed which affords the Town Caretaker somewhere to work out of the elements.

The Christmas lights switch took place on 6th December. Father Christmas visited Harriston and the main streets of the town before assisting with the actual ‘switch on’.
We thank Sealy UK for the bed as first prize for our free drawing and the small group of businesses who made donations towards the ever increasing cost of the lights

The Senior Citizens Christmas Treat was held on in the Masonic hall when over 120 residents enjoyed a meal and entertainment by Richmond Hill and Beacon Hill Schools, dancing to Roe Valley and the obligatory game of Bingo. After a false start the raffle distributed a large number of donated prizes and everybody seemed to have a good afternoon. I thank everybody who made donations or helped in any way to make the afternoon another success.

January saw the launch of the much awaited new play equipment in Memorial Park which was the result of nearly two years work by a small group of residents. When the date was arranged we never expected the six inches of snow that greeted us that morning. 
Over the last few months it has been very pleasing and satisfying to see the large number of children using the new equipment.

In February to everybody’s surprise Clark, the Town Caretaker resigned. We had 65 applications for the position and after interview Michael Blair was appointed as Town Caretaker and has settled in well.

Speeding traffic and the general inconsiderate behaviour of some drivers particularly in and around Brandraw Car Park have been identified as a priority and whilst the police have also made this a priority I am concerned that it will take a long time to change some peoples attitudes.

During the year the Mayors Charity has been to raise money to improve facilities in the Community Centre and at the last council meeting I was pleased to present a cheque for over £300 to that cause.

There has been some concern and frustration within the town that the Borough Council proposed changing the parking conditions on Queen Street Car Park without any consultation. These concerns well were expressed at a public meeting that has resulted in the matter being reconsidered.

We have received support from a number of residents who give up their time to assist in looking after the park and delivering the newsletters and I take this opportunity to thank them for their support.

I also thank all my fellow councillors for their support particularly Councillor Tinnion as the Deputy Mayor, who has stood in for me at some functions. Councillor Reay as Chairman of the Parks and Allotments, Councillor Barker as editor of the Newsletter, Councillor Mitchell for her work with the Friends of Memorial Park.
Last but not least I also thank Allison for her hard work as our clerk who with little support has quickly got to grips with her duties and provides excellent support to the council

Welcome to the Town Council

The Town Council Welcomes our latest Councillor Mr Chris Hamilton who was elected to the position left vacant by Mr Alan Mcourt.

Aspatria says Goodbye to PCSO Mark Hutchinson

Unfortunatly our PCSO Mark Hutchinson will be leaving us to work nearer home.
Aspatria Town Council expressed their thanks for the hard work he has done in
the town, particuarly his high visibility and presence which has been commented on
by lots of residents in Aspatria.

The Council wishes him Good Luck for the future.

Welcome to our New Town Clerk

Mrs Allison Paterson has now taken over the role of Town Clerk,
her contact details can be found at the top of the Councillor`s page.

Aspatria Town Council

Christmas Raffle Winners

1st    Mrs Hewitson  - Sealy Bed
         31 Brayton Rd, Aspatria.

2nd   Margaret Thompson  -  £100
         22 North View, Aspatria.

3rd    David Hind  -  £60
         72 North View, Aspatria.

4th    Helen Armstrong   -  £40
         1 Springkell, Aspatria.

5th    Margaret James  -  £10
         63 North View, Aspatria.

6th    Landells  -  £10
         9 St Kentigerns Way, Aspatria.

7th    Millstone House  -  £10
         Queen St, Aspatria.

8th    Alwyn Williams  -  £10
         56 Harriston, Aspatria.

9th    Richey  -  £10
         7 Meadowcroft, Aspatria.

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Letters of Support

Letters of support have been sent by our Mayor Trevor Gear to
the Mayor`s
of the three towns affected by the flooding.

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Town Clerk - Mr Walter Armstrong retires.

The Mayor presented Mr Walter Armstong a gift on behalf of the Town Council and gave a speech thanking him for his years of service to the Council.

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Certificate of achievement

Presented by the Mayor on behalf of the Town Council to Mrs Julie Richardson, The Head of Beacon Hill Community College in recognition of sustained improvement at GCSE.
Mrs Richardson accepted the award on behalf of Beacon Hill School.

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Certificate of achievement awards

Presented by the Mayor on behalf of the Town Council to:
Mr Alan Reynolds, Mr Malcolm Barclay and Mr Philip Rumney in recognition of their
charity cycle ride from Lands End to John O` Groats. A cheque for £100 was
donated by the Council for the Eden Valley Hospice.

Annual Parish Meeting held on 19th May 2009

At the Annual Meeting of the Council the first business was to
elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the next twelve months.
I am honoured to be elected Mayor for 2009/10 by my fellow
Councillors and Councillor Audrey Tinnion was elected Deputy Mayor

Trevor Gear
Mayor of Aspatria

Aspatria Town Council - Chairman's Report 2008-2009

During the past year Aspatria Town Council has been involved in a number of projects that we hope will have a positive impact on the quality of life for theresidents of Aspatria.
We have installed a new bus shelter in King Street and have circulated our quarterly newsletter to each household in the town.

We have continued to maintain Memorial Park to a very high standard and the Bowling Club continues to improve the facilities around the bowling green. A number of people have completed their Community Service Orders by assisting the Town Caretaker with various projects all of which has contributed to the park being one of the best in the area. In the summer holidays the PARCS Scheme ran a number of events for the children in the park.
Other projects that have been completed most with financial support of the council are the Resources Room at West Street Practice, the Astro Turf at Beacon hill School and the
Poly-tunnel Project at Beacon Hill School.

We have also seen the Local Links Centre has open in the Library and Boots Chemist now have a presence in the town which all go to make Aspatria a good place to live.
This year we had our annual coach trip for the senior citizens who went to Gretna Gateway, Dumfries and Moffat. The weather in general was poor but most people enjoyed the day.

We had our Civic Service in July which was well attended by visiting Mayors and other dignitaries and in August the annual Best Kept Garden Competition was judged by a representative of our sponsor the Cumberland Building Society.

At Christmas we again provided the lights for the two Christmas Trees and strings along the main streets of the town some of which were replaced with energy saving bulbs.
Unfortunately the lights on the Christmas tree in Queen Street Car Park were
damaged early into the festive period and could not be repaired. The residents once again responded magnificently to the call to display festive lights in their windows. We thank Sealy UK for the bed as first prize for our free drawing, the Charity Shop for their generous donation and our small but faithful group of businesses who made donations.

The Senior Citizens Treat took place in the Masonic Hall and everybody enjoyed the afternoon particularly the singing by the children of Richmond Hill School.
The council continues to be frustrated by the lack of support it receives from the Borough and County Councils and other organisations including the Press.

Whilst there are problems with mindless vandalism and young people and their cars there are many positive activities and events in the town which never receive the credit or support they truly deserve. Our ongoing projects are to provide a workshop for the Caretaker and to support the Friends of Memorial Park raising funds for new play equipment in Memorial Park both of which are nearing fruition. We will also continue to support the Aspatria Community Centre Steering Group with their aspirations to develop
and improve facilities in this centre.

The Mayors Charity for the last twelve months has been the refurbishment of Play Equipment in Memorial Park. Money was raised from quizzes and a coffee morning,
and I take this opportunity to thank everybody who supported the events.

The Council continues to move forward and I would take this opportunity thank the Deputy Mayor Cllr Christine Mitchell who accompanied me to several civic events, Cllr Reay for being Chair of the Parks and Allotments Committee, Cllr Barker for her work with the Newsletter and all our Councillors for giving up their time and their support at
meetings and delivery of the newsletter during the past year.
I also thank our clerk Walter for all his work behind the
scenes and being there to offer support and advice.

Trevor Gear
Mayor of Aspatria
May 2009

Town Council Newsletter

The next Newsletter is due out around the middle of September, please remember if you want any articles to be included in the next Newsletter the closing date for articles will be the 31st August 2009, please email all articles to




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