March 2010, "ugg boots uk" succeeded in finding the most important popular series of nodes: from fashion idol lead to the spread of loyal fans and press, then to the general public to follow and reinterpreted.

A few years ago, called "ugg boots uk sale" snow boots suddenly swept Europe and America. This pair of fashion who have been critical of harsh comments as "the history of the most ugly" shoes, in the absence of large-scale advertising and strong marketing support in the case, but making the world's most irresistible pop culture in recent years.

Ugg Australia brand of pure wool snow boots story: Ugg, a legendary brand, first saw snow boots Ugg Ugg simple-minded people will be too cold cartoon form, and is such a boots , since many European and American street shooting star has a full board Ugg snow boots pretty popular in Europe and America look like the earth, Ugg wind continued blowing the popular Madden, in Japan, Taiwan, Ugg has a lot of fans. Ugg Australia sheepskin boots on the history dates back to 1978, and called the young Australian surfer Brian Smith once with a group of members of sheepskin boots to the United States. In the past many years, Australia's craftsmen have been used to sew the beach in New Zealand sheepskin boots, however, is the business-minded young man with a bold attempt will this Australian traditional products to the United States. At that time, he only brought a few of the several pairs of Ugg sheepskin boots, with full of passion and self-confidence to start selling in the streets of New York. However, the one he did not start so good luck, one day, did not sell a pair of boots. However, he did not lose heart, and even some stubborn that will be a success. He was confident that there will be a market in the United States belong to the world of his boots. So he decided to go west, to California to find opportunities. When he reached the destination, found that there were already some people like him, with a similar sheepskin boots at the beach sold. Where he heads a business customer to sell to 5 of 48 pairs of boots. Of course, it can be said that California surfing developed market attracted these fine sheepskin boots from Australia. Ugg Australia sheepskin boots started to become a surfer of each shore of the essential goods. Since then, Australia real ugg boots uk slowly from a small surf brand to become world-renowned luxury brand of sheepskin boots. The product line also began not limited to sheepskin boots, and slowly increase the use of fine sheepskin casual shoes, slippers, and shoes for all seasons, recently launched a handbag line. Ugg Australia president with the words: "Ugg Australia is a good choice once you wear it, you will not take off. Its originality, credibility, and super-luxurious comfort will make you fascinated."

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